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How to login to McAfee for the first time?

After the successful download and installation then arises the question to login McAfee for the first time. At the time of opening McAfee Total Protection for the first time after installing, you would be welcomed by a tour that will help you run scans and discover the capability of the software. Now identify the type of package installed and its compatibility. Know the login details and product key to log in successfully.

Follow the steps given below to login McAfee for the first time:-

1. Visit home.mcafee.com.
2. Then float your mouse over My Account
3. Click on the Sign In from the list of choices given.
4. Now enter your registered email address and password at the given interface for the login and then click Log In.

One should be very careful while doing the subscription and activation process as it involves the login details that you generate for the future. If you are using your workplace device then note down the login username and password and enter it.

If your organization is using multiple devices then you can add them by using the following method:

1. Go to My Account in your dashboard.
2. It is usually under the My secure files title. Search for it and then resume your process further
3. Click at the “Get Started” under “Add a Device”
4. Choose the relevant icon for the second device to be connected.
5. Link and send it to the relevant device for the download and connection
6. Now select “McAfee LiveSafe at the Personal Locker.” Then, click “Next.”
7. Now enter your email address to send.

Now the intended device is connected to the antivirus McAfee to run for the safety and security of the system and the data saved in it.
Hence login can be done with the same activation and product key to multiple devices.

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